Ball lightning : an unsolved problem in atmospheric physics

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Instrumented Observations. The Problem of Random, Transient Phenomena. Ockham's Razor and Other Philosophical Questions. Skeptical Views. Reliability of Reports. Scientists and Skepticism. Present Status of Ball Lightning Theory. Aims of Ball Lightning Theory. Classification of Models. Plasma Models. How is Ball Lightning Formed? Energy Content of Ball Lightning.

Ball Lightning - An Unsolved Problem in Atmospheric Physics | Mark Stenhoff | Springer

Heated Sphere of Air. Plasmoid and Vortex Plasma Ring Models.

Other Plasma Models. Other Vortex Structures. Chemical Processes. Nuclear Processes. Charge Separation. Neem contact met mij op over Events Sprekers Incompany. Welkom terug.

Ball Lightning: An Unsolved Problem in Atmospheric Physics

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    Strangest Weather On Earth: Balls of Lightning!

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    Ball Lightning: An Unsolved Problem in Atmospheric Physics

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    Down comes a deluge of sonorous hail, Or prone-descending rain. Wide-rent, the clouds Pour a whole flood, and yet, its flame unquenched, Th'unconquerable lightning struggles through. Ragged and fierce, or in red whirling balls, And fires the mountains with Spektroskopische Untersuchung exotischer Phasen in hochspinpolarisierten Supraleitern. Ragged and fierce, or in red whirling balls, And fires the mountains with redoubled rage. Black from the stroke, above, the smould'ring pine Stands a sad shattered trunk; and, stretched below, A lifeless group the blasted cattle lie.

    James Thompson, "The Seasons" have been investigating ball lightning for more than two decades. I published a ball lightning report in Nature in that received worldwide publicity and I consequently many people wrote to me with accounts of their own experiences. Within a very short time, I had accumulated about firsthand accounts, and the file has continued to grow steadily since then.

    Several things impressed me. Few of those who wrote to me had any detailed foreknowledge of ball lightning at the time of their observation. Nonetheless, once reports of other phenomena such as St. Elmo's fire had been eliminated, the remaining descriptions were remarkably consistent.

    Furthermore, nearly all who contacted me were keen to have an explanation of what they had seen and seemed entirely sincere. This is the only scientific review of ball lightning in print at the present time with an up-to-date coverage of theory. This book provides a critical review of eyewitness observations of ball lightning and of evidence of its interaction with the environment. Ball lightning is probably not hazardous, but may be a precursor of ordinary lightning. The conclusion is that ball lightning has lower energy than generally assumed and that some theories are thus redundant.

    After critically reviewing the current theory, recommendations are provided for future research. This specialist book draws new conclusions about the characteristics of ball lightning and relates these to current theories. Explaining Ball Lightning Reports. History of the Scientific Study of Ball Lightning. Reported Characteristics. Developing Models for Ball Lightning. Thunderstorm Electricity.

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    Unusual Forms of Lightning. Atmospherics and Radio Noise. Recent Developments. Physical Phenomena. Physical Effects that Cause Distortion. Psychological Aspects of Reports. Limitations of Reports based on Visual Observation Alone. The Importance of Physical Evidence. Electrical Effects. Thermal Effects.