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Many authors studied the cosmological Bianchi type-I and for Bianchi type-V [19] and [20] re- models with constant and time dependent displacement spectively. Akarsu et al. ADHAV and time varying displacement field has been studied. Isotropization and the Solution The geometrical and physical aspects of the model have been studied.

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Metric and Field Equations: where R is the mean scale factor. Model for Exponential Expansion i. Case II : Time varying displacement field i. Using Equation 29 in the Equations 26 , 27 and Therefore, we cannot rule out the possibility of an ani- 28 we obtain, the energy density, deviation parameter sotropic nature of the DE at least in the framework of and the deviation-free parameter for the model respec- Lyra geometry. Perlmutter, et al. Reiss, et al. Spergel, et al. Caldwell and M. ADHAV doi Peebles and B. Akarsu and C.

Gravitation, Vol. Tortora and M. Physik A Hadrons and Nuclei, Vol. Cardone, et al. Sen and K. Cosmological Con- [26] W. Berman and F.

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Rathra and P. Sen and J. Sahni and A. Karade and S. General Relativity and Gravitation, Vol. Reddy and R. Lima, et al. Lima and J. Singh and G. Koivisto and D. Singh and K. We analyze in Section 4 the results and compare them with those ones in the literature and make some considerations.

Advances in High Energy Physics 3 2. They are obtained when the boundary conditions are imposed on the field.

Renormalizing systems with strong quenched randomness

This theorem gives the summation of zeros and poles of an analytic function as a contour integral. In the above equation, the argument for logarithm must involve the product of all root functions. This is done when we take the limit for the radius a going to infinity. The other limits will be taken in an appropriate moment after the cancelation of possible remaining divergences. We proceed with the calculations in an analogous way to that of the previous subsection. Conclusions Our purpose in this work was to show the form and nature of each divergent term that appears in the calculation of Casimir energy and demonstrate that the method proposed is mathematically consistent and that it is in accordance with the results existing in literature.

In fact, the approach has succeed in demonstrating the cancelation of all types of divergences appearing in the expression for the Casimir energy of the scalar field. Besides, this calculation presented at this work shows the desired agreement with the results existing in the literature. Acknowledgment The authors wish to thank Dr.

Ludmila Oliveira H. D, vol. Inami and K. Kikkawa, T. Kubota, S.

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Sawada, and M. Kikkawa and M. Milton and Y. Brevik and R. Fabinger and P. B, vol. Nojiri, S. Odintsov, and S. Maclay, H. Fearn, and P.

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Plunien, B. Bordag, U. Mohideen, and V. Elizalde, S. Odintsov, A. Romeo, A. Bytsenko, and S. Mostepanenko and N. Bordag, G. Klimchitskaya, U. Bender and P. Baacke and Y. Balian and B. Olaussen and F.

What is Dark Matter and Dark Energy?

Ruggiero, A. Zimerman, and A. Bordag, E. Elizalde, and K. Shtykovt and D. L37—L43, Actor and I. Progress of Physics, vol. Rodrigues, N.

Svaiter, and R. Fulling and P. Davies, S. Fulling, and W.