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Post a Comment. Wow, what a cool collection! Great ideas for a sailing movie club. When I started to compile this list, I thought I'd come up with maybe ten movies.

How much I paid for a complete sail boat refit (Sailing Miss Lone Star) S5E07

But as I got deeper into it, not only did I realize there were more than I consciously remembered over time, but also that the independent film production movement and digital technologies are causing an explosion of very interesting new entries. The work being done by young people is particularly inspiring and impressive, and perhaps signifies that sailing isn't dying after all.

No, it's actually becoming the saving grace of a generation pressured as none before it. Because it is just too difficult to rate these movies as each one ticks a different box, I've just listed them in chronological order. Enjoy, and please let me know about any I missed.

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Read more. Ocean adventures inspire the spinning of tall tales Sailing is one of those things in life that so many dream of and few pursue. Those of us who have sailed off across an ocean most often started out in our warm beds absorbed in a book of someone else's adventures on the other side of the world. Their yarns spun our own ambitions and fueled our thirst for the sea. So many authors have been inspired by the sea that there are hundreds of books to choose from. So why these ten on my list?

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Because they were the ones that told the stories that I wanted to live or taught me lessons that may one day save a life - my own or a loved one's. And now that I have, I can honestly say that their yarns were well spun. There are few things better in life than reading a good sailing book while sailing! To go off watch, curl up in a secure spot and read about your favourite sailing adventure inspires the next adventure of your own.

I always ask, where to next? And there's always someone …. Sailing makes a romantic setting There are few novels with sailing as a background theme, which is surprising given how romantic sailing is considered to be. Images of sailboats appear everywhere and dreams of sailing off to an uncharted island abound, yet stories tend to be real not fictional.

That's curious to me. I've scoured the pages of amazon and Goodreads to find what I could as the question often comes up, "Are there any good novels with sailing themes. As I have not read these all yet, I am simply providing the publisher's descriptions here, mostly as they appear on amazon.

From Homer's Odyssey to Christine Kling's Circle of Bones, one thing for certain is that this is an eclectic collection, much like the collection of characters one is likely to encounter at sea. Most of us listen to music, even though it might be different kinds of music. Some genres we love, some leave us indifferent and some we hate. The Musical Effect.

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View other items offered by Loot Megan is an Australian Journalist and award-winning travel writer who has been blogging since Croatia looks like it genuinely has some of the top beaches on earth Meg. Tropical feeling. - Nautical Books: Sailing

Like the South Pacific in some ways. What a place. For sure! This was seriously the highlight of my gap year, we had such an amazing summer in Dubrovnik and I just remember long summer days out on the boat exploring the islands … would LOVE to get back at some stage :. Chroatia is one of my favorite destinations for yacht vacation.

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This summer we went sailing from Split with Zizoo — they were really professional and none of us had a license, so they set us up with a local skipper who was great — he took us to some really quiet islands and bays and knew all the good places to eat.