The Fiction of Ellen Gilchrist: An Appreciation

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They also all showcase exceptional writing and take us far and wide—from elective politics to abstract art, from Coney Island to California—to explore great ideas. How does the world change politically? Truth—a higher, bigger truth—is what I want when I read. I want to nod my head in radical understanding. I want to grasp our complex, fragile humanity better.

I want the ancient truths on every page, shown in unique ways. These books deliver. Not a false note in any one of them. You know what will make you think about citizenry?

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Watching hundreds of working-class union members standing in the harsh wind and freezing rain waiting to get in to a Hillary Clinton rally in an overheated high school gym in Cedar Rapids. Watching them […]. I told my friend Craig about all of these books. Craig has a facile brain and big heart and a sometimes crusty manner—which makes me like him extra. One night the end of December […]. In both fiction and non-fiction, I love a book that helps us unravel ourselves by illuminating place, a book that transports me from here to there.

These six books will take you far… and deliver you. I love a memoir that finds the beauty—there is such an unbelievable amount of beauty in this world—without handing out a Hollywood ending, without dipping the pain in glitter, without pretending we all get held all night, every night by […].

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She looks forward to offering you a bevy of reading recommendations in , and wishes you all a very happy and restful holiday season! Bob will get you through. The writing advice I give is this: 1 Sit down 2 Write These wise and talented writers have more to say. Reading Mixtape.

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Every story here made me consider my own life more carefully and inspired me to tell my own […] Bridge , every pride, shame and humiliation the family endures can be felt as if it were a personal blow. Originally published in , the power of this novel lies in its details and its paradoxes. Nanda, the nine-year-old protagonist, is sent to the Convent of Five Wounds by her beloved Catholic convert father.

Obedient and clever, Nanda quickly adapts to the schools rigid conformity but is forever marked by the abuse she is forced to endure there. As you read, it slowly becomes clear that this is not a book about school or even Catholicism, but about human cruelty, mean and calculated, crushing innocence in the name of religion. The experience prevented her from writing for years, but in the end it also gave her this small masterpiece of a novel, exquisitely poised between a condemnation of the school and a love letter to it.

Before Jane Austen, there was Frances Burney. Possibly, but the dizzying, dark side of Georgian London has never so deftly illuminated the vulnerability of female innocence in a male-dominated culture.

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  • Though Burney published the novel anonymously to avoid censure from both her father and a public that disapproved of women who read and wrote novels her identity was swiftly revealed and the book went on to achieve well-deserved success. Sadly, the book has fallen away. Nonetheless, readers will delight in following this brassy redhead into an adulthood filled with pathos and gothic humor. Rhoda may not be the most likeable character, but her quest for freedom or at least happiness outside the prescribed roles for women is an addictive journey well worth taking.

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    Jenkins mid-century tale of domestic drama and female sexuality is quietly heart breaking. The novel details the marriage of pretty and admiring Imogen Grosham to her older husband, Evelyn, a successful man of intimidating presence and authority. With the intrusion of their closest neighbor, the sporting Blanche Silcox, an elderly spinster, stout and capable, the marriage begins to unravel.

    Mona Eltawahay on how to fight the Trump regime, the inadequacy of white feminism, and the story behind MosqueMeToo. Hundreds of thousands of us have them every year, and more consider it—so why aren't we writing about them? Enjoy strange, diverting work from The Commuter on Mondays, absorbing fiction from Recommended Reading on Wednesdays, and a roundup of our best work of the week on Fridays.

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