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The first law of thermodynamics can be stated as follows: during an interaction between a system and its surroundings, the amount of energy gained by the system must be exactly equal to the amount of energy lost by the surroundings. In case of thermally isolated system, we can say that during an interaction between objects inside a system until it reaches thermal equilibrium , the amount of energy gained by one objects must be exactly equal to the amount of energy lost by another objects.

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In another form: , where n - number of objects in the system. That is, algebraic sum of all heat quantities gained and lost in thermally isolated system equals zero. If we replace heat quantities with the formula described here: Quantity of heat , we will get the following equation:. Tn should be the same, because of thermal equilibrium.

This is the equation used by calculator to find the unknown value. Also calculator can take into account quantity of heat gained or lost to the surroundings. This allows more broad range of problems to be solved.

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To use the calculator, you need to properly fill out the table describing interacting substances. The usage instructions for different scenarios are listed below the calculator. There are set of problems which can be solved using this calculator: final temperature of mixed fluids, required temperature for one of the fluids to achieve final mixed temperature, required mass for one of the fluids to achieve final mixed temperature, unknown specific heat, required quantity of heat, etc.

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